July 4th 2011 who put the lights out

the orange water

It was obviously not going to be a good day when we found the crayfish net contained four roach, four gudgeon and only one crayfish.  All were released without harm.

Soon we had passed through hall green lock – a tiny one which only lowered the boat by one foot – compared to some which are twelve feet deep. The water colour changed an orange rusty colour indicating we where approaching  the Harecastle Tunnel then it  came into sight and we were beckoned straight through.  Sheila had never liked the tunnel but having been through with Ben and Claire she was not dreading it so much and put on her jacket ready for the experience.   As we trundled through, with ceiling lights aglow and a bright headlight showing off the very low roof which dripped water as we went along things seemed fine. It would only take forty five minutes to get through.  But half way through the inside lights suddenly went out and we were left in the dark under ground.  Sheila found the torch and rushed around shining it all over the place but not really doing anything constructive.  Captain Norwyn, as cool as ever soon spotted the problem.  The trip switch had blown.  He carefully instructed his crew to switch off all lights, reset the trip and try again.  Hey presto – lights again.  Thus the tunnel experience came to an end and we were no worse for wear.   Sheila has decided that since we plan to do the whole canal system there is no need at all to go throught the Harecastle Tunnel again!!!!! tonight we are are moored at Barleston.

Shell Bell in the Harecastle tunnel

Cap'n Norwyn in the dark again

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