September 20th 2011 odd job day

We woke this morning to the sound of rain drops, although temperature-wise it was very mild. Today its been odd job day .The slight leak in the shower pump has been stemmed for the time being anyway. The bolts linking the gear box and the prop shaft have been checked and replaced as required. For some time now we have been debating about new curtains or blinds, so today we drove into Burton and purchsed a blind as a trial. We then spent the afternoon installing and modifying said blind and very nice it looks so more will be purchased-  bye, bye curtains. The rain stayed around most of the day although there were some dry spells enabling us to have a short walk aruond the marina this evening. The weather forecast is better for tomorrow so more odd jobs and a bit of fishing whilst we wait for Ben and Claire to join us tomorrow night.

The new blind

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