August 2nd \ 3rd 2011 All locked out

It was very hot and sunny as we left Polesworth for Nuneaton.  On our journey we had eleven locks to go through.  Very hard work but the nice thing about locks is that you meet some lovely people and today was no exception.  There was a lady in front of us and one behind and through the locks we managed to keep up a conversation and well as help each other through. It’s interesting to learn where people have been and are heading and what experiences they have had. 

What do they find to talk about ??

While I was working had Norwyn was lucky enough to hear and see a Grasshopper Warbler. We also saw a Kingfisher perched on a branch with a fish in his mouth.

Finally we moored up at Nuneaton and went in search of Sainsburys.  We have an app. on our phone which tells us where the closest supermarkets are.  Sainsburys should have been half a mile away. We set off and got lost. A very nice man walking his two dogs directed us through the park (better than the road) and eventually we found Sainsburys!!! We think the app shows us the distance as the crow flies but unfortunately we don’t have any crows to get our shopping for us.

Coventry in the distance

Leaving Nuneaton behind we trundled along. Today we would leave the Coventry Canal and go on to the Oxford Canal. We changed canals at Hawkesbury Junction which was a lovely place with a pub on the junction (which we did not go into).  Only one small lock today and on our way to moor near Hungerfield at All Oaks Wood.  Captain Norwyn cooked chilli for tea. Only downside is that we have no signal on the iphone.  Have had to resort to Sheila’s little pink phone which everyone used to take the mickey out of.  Good old vodaphone.

Hawksbury junction

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