24th May 2011 Back to Mercia Marina

Sheila's first loaf ??

As we made our way back from Stretton the wind was still strong, but slightly less so than yesterday. There were more boats on the move so we moved very slowly at times (especially past the fibreglass ones).   The entrance to the marina is a doddle now and we were soon moored up. Norwyn fixed the piece of wood back on to the jetty!!!!! Well ,boating does seem to be a contact sport.

After lunch it was time to do a few jobs. Sheila was cleaning the brass vents in the cabin while Norwyn tidied up the cratch as we have decided that the red box must go. It’s taking up too much space. By late afternoon Sheila decided to bake a loaf of bread whilst Norwyn thought it would be good to have afternoon tea.

Shell Bell at moorings in Mercia Marina

 Norwyn says that the noises I hear in the night are ducks picking at the weed on the hull.  This won’t happen once she is blacked. Who is he trying to convince?  Does anyone have any other ideas?  It sounds as if we’re in a submarine!!!!

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