25th May 2011 Derby Day !!!

water feature in the centre of Derby

Derby Cathederal

We decided to be landlubbers today and take a trip into Derby.  There was a bus called ‘The villager’  which would take us and bring us back.   V3 was the one we wanted and soon we were on our way into town. 

The shops were great; we went round the markets; stopped for lunch and then headed for the Cathedral and the Silk Mill Museum.  Unfortunately this was closed to the public at the moment due to work being carried out.  However we had a good walk along the river before catching the bus back to Willington.  Remember, the V3.   We had just missed one which meant an hour wait until the next  so we found another market to explore.

Back at the bus station all seemed well. Norwyn had checked with the lady and we got in the right queue for the V3 (remember).    A bus arrived and Sheila asked the driver if this would take us to Willington. BUT the bus didn’t know if it was going to be a V1 or a V3!!!!  If it was going to be a V1 we would end up in Belper.   The bus finally made the decision to be  a V1 and so we had to wait a few more minutes for one that had decided it wanted to be a V3 and take us safely back to Willington.  These buses – they have a mind of their own!!!  You don’t have this trouble with narrowboats.

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