Monthly Archives: March 2012

March 28th 2012 Getting ready

It has been around a couple of weeks since our last blog, we have had a busy time Norwyn had his birthday on the 26th. We had a great couple of days when Cliff and Chris came to stay. We are now getting ready to return back on board Shell Bell next Tuesday. Hopefully this […]

March 13th 2012 Painting

I drove up from Suffolk yesterday, leaving early around 06:15 i arrived at the marina around 09:30,it was a good drive up apart from some quite foggy sections. After sorting out the boat (gas \ water) i set about painting the gunwales on Shell Bell. Our next door neighbours on the Marina are Ian and […]

March 11th 2012 A painting I will go

After the long day Friday (a family funeral in Luton ) we have had a restful Saturday, and taken in a 6 mile walk on Sunday. The plans are made for next week I am going back on board Shell Bell for the week to do some painting, Sheila is staying in Suffolk, I hope […]

March 8th 2011 Wet & windy yesterday

Well my predictions for yesterday turned out to be correct, a very wet and windy day that didn’t allow for any painting to be done at all. Our original plan was to travel home Thursday, and make arrangements for travelling down to Dunstable early Friday morning for a family funeral. But with the weather how […]

March 6th 2012 Painting has begun

A nice frosty morning greeted us this morning,but it wasn’t long before the sun was warming up the temperature. We started sanding down the port gunnel this morning and managed to get it done and primed, and the first undercoat was finished around 5pm. We are hoping that the weather is kind again tomorrow but […]

March 5th 2012 Back on board

Today we travelled north to go back on board Shell Bell for a few days.   It was a good journey but the weather when we left East Anglia was awful, very heavy rain, but by the time we reached Kettering the skies were clear and it was quite bright. The plan is to start […]

March 1st 2012 New Chair

March has arrived and the weather has had the feel of spring. We are moving ahead now with the plans to start re-painting Shell Bell. We have bought a new sander,some rollers, brushes, masking tape and masks. I must confess it is a bit daunting starting a project like this so if anybody has any […]