March 1st 2012 New Chair

March has arrived and the weather has had the feel of spring. We are moving ahead now with the plans to start re-painting Shell Bell. We have bought a new sander,some rollers, brushes, masking tape and masks. I must confess it is a bit daunting starting a project like this so if anybody has any advice it would be very much appreciated.  Today the new chair and foot stool I had ordered on the internet arrived and it looks great and should be a good match for the one already onboard. Well, as mentioned earlier the weather has been very nice with no rain, this of course is great but not for the canals. BW are already warning of water shortages this coming summer and there is talk of them having colour coded routes with advice about what routes to travel and of course some restrictions. So this dry winter is not good for all.


New chair

This picture of the new dinette in bed configuration is for Ben

Dinette in bed configuration

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