Monthly Archives: November 2011

November 26th 2011 Busy times

As the heading says busy times indeed.  We are still settling into the Bungalow although most boxes are now unpacked, with those left unpacked destined for the loft, I suspect.  Shell Bell’s new floor has been delayed as Adele had not finished her previous contract, but as usual she kept us fully informed and she should be starting next […]

November 18th 2011 Moved at last

Finally we have moved from Bungay to Beccles at distance of about 6 miles. The move happened last Friday and it went swimmingly well, we had plenty of help from family and friends and much appreciated it was too. The past week has been spent sorting boxes and hanging pictures and of course sorting out […]

November 7th 2011 we move on Friday

It is a week since I last blogged but it has been busy. We went back to Mercia Marina last Wednesday and had a couple of days onboard Shell Bell. During our stay  we went into Bakewell and had a very enjoyable day. During our time in Mercia Norwyn bumped into Bruce and Sheila Napier (Sanity […]

November 1st 2011 contracts exchanged

Well it has at last happened!!!! After a little over 6 months since we sold our house we have finally exchanged contracts. We move into the bungalow in Beccles on November 11th 2011. We plan to go up to Shell Bell tomorrow and catch up with the work Adele has been doing and also to […]