November 26th 2011 Busy times

As the heading says busy times indeed.  We are still settling into the Bungalow although most boxes are now unpacked, with those left unpacked destined for the loft, I suspect.  Shell Bell’s new floor has been delayed as Adele had not finished her previous contract, but as usual she kept us fully informed and she should be starting next week.  Norwyn went up to Willington on Wednesday as the replacement Battery charger was going to be fitted by Stuart Fletcher (Fletcher marine services) on Thursday morning. Whilst onboard it was nice to catch up with John and Nancy (NB Perfect Harmony). Stuart arrived Thursday and had the charger, a Victron 60 amp was fitted in what seemed no time at all.  So Shell bell can charge her batteries again whilst on the shore electric hook up. Thanks Stuart, another first rate job. Norwyn got back to suffolk around 4pm Thursday afternoon so it was a very quick visit.

The new charger before installation

The charger installed and working

early evening at Mercia Marina

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