Monthly Archives: October 2011

23rd October 2011 time flys

Well it doesn’t seem a week ago that Scott and myself left shell bell to head back to suffolk, time really does pass quickly. So what have we been up to over the past week, well very little if I am honest. We are still in limbo with the house move but saying that, we do […]

October 17th 2011 A good weekends work

The planned weekend on board for Norwyn and Scott to do some odd jobs went well. Leaving Bungay around 07:30 on Saturday they had a good trip and were onboard Shell Bell around 10:45. With plenty of odd jobs to do they got stuck in and by 18:00 they had completed a pretty extensive list 1) dripping shower […]

October 14th 2011 Odd job weekend

The week comes to a close and still no news on when we will exchange contracts on our house move it is becoming a real pain now. This weekend Norwyn and Scott are going on board Shell bell to do some odd jobs and bring back the leather settee, because with the new L shaped seating […]

October 10th 2011 Shell Bell modifications begin

As planned the modifications started on Shell Bell last week. The L shaped dinette is taking shape and work has also started on the wardrobe, Adele is keeping us up to date and has even sent a couple of photographs. The news on the house move is that we could possibly exchange contracts this Friday and […]

October 2nd 2011 More of the same

Well October has burst upon us with glorious weather, we really should be cruising but alas we have to try and sort the house move out.  It is still up in the air at the moment but hopefully we will have some concrete information next week !!! (about time- fingers crossed the news is good).Today we […]