23rd October 2011 time flys

Well it doesn’t seem a week ago that Scott and myself left shell bell to head back to suffolk, time really does pass quickly. So what have we been up to over the past week, well very little if I am honest. We are still in limbo with the house move but saying that, we do hope to get some definite dates from our solicitor this week. Fingers crossed after all it has only taken six months!!!! I have been fishing a few times with mixed success but on Saturday I managed to break two sections of my fishing pole, an expensive error as it will probably cost around £150 to get replacement sections. Thursday was an interesting day; I went tree felling with a couple of other fishing club members (one of which is a tree surgeon), which helped. Our task to get rid of some dead trees on an island in the middle of the lake and a right boys adventure it was cutting and towing the trees with a dinghy back to the main land to be logged and disposed of. Sheila has been busy quilting and walking and looking after our grand daughter Leila. Today we went for a nice circular walk round Thorpeness famous for its  house in the clouds and its wonderful mere. It was a lovely walk in glorious autumn sunshine.

The iconic House in the clouds Thorpeness


Thorpeness mere

beach front holiday houses and chalets Thorpeness

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