October 10th 2011 Shell Bell modifications begin

L shaped dinette taking shape

As planned the modifications started on Shell Bell last week. The L shaped dinette is taking shape and work has also started on the wardrobe, Adele is keeping us up to date and has even sent a couple of photographs. The news on the house move is that we could possibly exchange contracts this Friday and move the Friday after, (fingers crossed). This week will be spent finishing the sorting and packing with a good helping of fishing for Norwyn. Norwyn and Scott plan to go up to Shell bell on Saturday and remove the leather settee as this will be surplus to requirements with the new L shaped seating area. They will also  measure up the shower for a replacement shower cubical door,  do the  checks on the amount of anti- freeze that is in the engine and central heating. Generally getting ready for the cold weather. Sheila is busying herself making a new quilt for the bed on Shell Bell.

l shaped dinette can be made into a bed

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