November 7th 2011 we move on Friday

It is a week since I last blogged but it has been busy. We went back to Mercia Marina last Wednesday and had a couple of days onboard Shell Bell. During our stay  we went into Bakewell and had a very enjoyable day. During our time in Mercia Norwyn bumped into Bruce and Sheila Napier (Sanity Again). It was nice to meet face to face after following the Sanity blog for over three years. Whilst onboard we met up with Adele Banks to finalise the details of the new flooring and replacement of the wood on the back doors. Also it was good to see the new table and partly finished shelf unit that Adele is doing.  We did have one mishap though.  On our second night we suddenly lost battery power (not the poor, spoilt batteries!!!!!).  After a check around it appeared that the combi inverter was not charging the batteries so we had to run the engine for an hour at 8pm- not good for the neighbours (sorry!), but bless them they never complained. Early the next morning  at 8am I put out a call to Stuart Fletcher (fletcher marine services) to see if he could pop and check out the inverter.  It was urgent as we needed to return to Suffolk at lunchtime. Stuart was onboard within 45mins. Super service but the news was not good. The inverter was old and would need replacing or, because it still does the inverting, we could have a seperate charger. Stuart will give us the costs for all options. Well, as the heading says, we move house on Friday. It has only taken 6 months and has been quite stressful at times but hey ho we are there now. Hopefully will update the blog about the move on Sunday or Monday.


new table with shelf unit partly finished beyond

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