August 17th 2011 A cry of HELP from the shower

Today started just like any other in fact it was nice the sun was shinning as we had our morning cuppa, Sheila went off to have a shower. Within a few minutes there was a cry for help from the shower cubical: the water pump that takes the waste water away was not working. This was a job for Engineering son Scott so a call was made to ascertain how to take the water pump out and fix it (Scott had done this when we first bought the boat in April). Ever helpful Scott talked Norwyn through the process ,Scott was convinced the motor was ok and that the problem lay with the impellor(a toothed rubber wheel that pumps the water).Norwyn set to work taking the pump out and then apart to get to the impellor and after a liberal coating of vaseline the parts were all put back together, re-connected and tested. Hey presto it worked. Thanks Scott –  international rescue have nothing on you. With the pump mended we set off meandering through plesant open farmland with no more dramas and have moored for the night at Welford junction. Tomorrow we head for Foxton locks.

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