August 18th 2011 Wet wet wet

The early sunshine was not to last as we left Welford junction around 10:15.W e travelled for just under a mile and pulled in to North Kilworth wharf boat yard to top up with water and diesel, empty the toilet tank and dump our rubbish. All went smoothly and we were finished in about half an hour. As we pulled away from the services it started to rain, and rain it did, the only respite was when we went in Husbands Bosworth tunnel. Carrying on in the rain we had a very wet journey to our planned destination –  the top of Foxton Locks. We had been tied up for about an hour when it stopped raining allowing us to have a walk around this famous staircase of ten locks with its famous remains of the inclined plane, a method of lowering barges down a hill instead of using the locks.  There are plans afoot for restoration. As I type this it has started raining again and we are glad of the central heating. The boat is at least dry and as warm as toast.

view down the flight of locks

site of the inclined plane


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