July 12th 2012 Waiting in Alrewas

We set off from Fazeley this morning in glorious sunshine at last. We made a quick stop at the service block to empty the loo tank and top up with water in case we get stuck at Alrewas for a couple of days due to the river section being in flood. We arrived at Fradley Junction around 13:30 and moored on the Coventry Canal just short of the actual junction and walked to the junction to see how busy it was. As we walked up to the first lock who should be exiting but John and Nancy on narrowboat Perfect Harmoney. They moor in mercia marina one pontoon up from us. A bit of chat and we decided we would both go through and moor before common lock. John and Nancy went on the water point and we walked back to get Shell Bell and bring her through the locks. Once through the first lock we came across Perfect Harmoney moored in the small pound between locks. After a quick chat John explained that Nancy had slipped and hurt her leg whilst they watered so they would moor in the pound overnight. We moored just short of common lock with a view  to walking into Alrewas to check out the moorings. But John beat us to it and came back and said there were moorings at Bagnall lock so both crews set to and we are now all moored at Bagnall lock and we wait for the river section to open. There appears to be a lot of rumours about the number of boats that are backed up waiting. In truth there are not that many.  Fradley is full but they are not double breasted. Alrewas has a couple of spaces and there are no boats moored on either the water point or indeed the lock moorings. The hire boats must be feeling it. There are six of the classic fleet from willington and two canalboat hire from Sawley here in Alrewas and I noticed an Aqua hire boat in Fradley.

The water level indicator it needs to be in the amber or green

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