July 13th The river opened

Friday the 13th wasn’t unlucky for us. At 08.30 this morning two canal river trust guys informed us the river was open but said if you are going to go make it sooner rather than later as the forecast is for more rain and it may close again. Norwyn knocked on John and Nancy’s boat to inform them of the news. Soon we were all on the move, there were no queues at any of the locks so we were soon on the river. it was running fast,a bit hairy but ok. Once through Wychnor lock it was back on the canal. The queue this end was huge with lots of boats waiting to get onto the river. Some have been held up for a week. Well it was straight forward after that and we had a steady run back to Mercia Marina. We then packed up and headed off on our journey home to Suffolk. Oh I forgot to mention it RAINED all day lovely.

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