13th May 2011

We all mangaed to get a reasonable night’s sleep and are still talking to each other.  After a hearty breakfast we set off from Stretton (bridge29A) to Branston – the home of the pickle.  We’re really getting into the swing of things now and sucessfully tackled two locks.  We had no choice since Norwyn had offered to help someone through the locks who had never done them before. Had we??????? We also managed to take on water – we have to do this every day.  We moored at Branston Water Park, across the field from hundreds of canada geese and their babies.  We walked round the park which had huge lakes full of wildlife, a picnic area and lots more.  This time we had a walk of about two hundred yards to the pub, where we had an Italian meal (great).  And so to bed.  Oh yes – woken early by the geese!!!

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