August 5th 2011 Braunston in the sun

For those who wanted to know our exact location we will when possible include a map of  our location fingers crossed.

We awoke to bright sunshine which shone brightly on the hills. Apparently the strips which can be seen in the field are known as furrow field patterns and were created by the villagers in medieval times as they cleared the forest and in doing so ploughed strips throwing  soil towards the centre. Gradually the strips which ran parallel to each other made up a furlong or cultura. 

Braunston church across the furrowed meadow

 It looks quite impressive.  Our journey today took us past Braunston Junction where the Oxford canal branches off and we joined the Grand Union canal.  Curved metal bridges with a brick archway in the middle mark the turnoff to the Oxford canal. 

The junction of the Oxford and Grand Union canals

 We had decided to have a short run today and stopped after the top lock of six at some quiet moorings (except for the sound of the locks being operated). 

An interesting piece of information.  We were told by a man walking past the boat that our back mooring ropes are actually absail ropes so look out we may take up the sport!!!

The impressive Braunston Marina

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