June 21st 2011 the longest day and off we go

nice mooring

sunset on the longest day

As per usual it was very windy as we set off.  We had to take the boat across to Aqua to have some fairleads put on.  We were going to get the bus into Burton while this was being done but decided we would stop at Shobnall to go to Sainsburys.

Having filled up with diesel Captain Norwyn attempted to leave the jetty. Well, it was mayhem – a gust of wind blew Shell Bell towards the side jetty and the she was stuck fast.  Captain Norwyn was not happy!!!!  A very kind lady offered to help us and the man who had just fitted the fairleads came to our rescue and told Norwyn how to get out of the muddle.  Something he had learned in his lesson but forgot.

Soon we were under way and no further incidents arose.   Sheila met a lady from Norfolk at Dallow lock and it was nice to hear a familiar accent.

We arrived at our destination (Branston) at 17.30. After tea we walked around the park.  Think it’s about the 5th time we’ve been here. Very nice but hoping to go further afield now.  Bollington, here we come.

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