June 22nd 2011 locks and more locks

waiting to lock

A few statistics to begin the blog tonight.  Today we have travelled  twelve miles in ten hours and have worked eleven locks!!! 

This very busy day began at nine o’clock.  We set off from Branston and our aim was to make up for the  time we lost on Monday so that we can be at Stoke-on-Trent to meet Ben and Claire on Saturday.   We managed to get to Fradley Junction for lunch and to take on water.  During thid time a queue for the locks had formed and we were number six in the queue and had to wait for two hours before we got through.  But the earlier rain had cleared and it was in bright sunshine that we waited.   Lock queues are very friendly and we found out that there is going to be a boat rally at Braunston at the weekend. 

After locking through Fradley we were then in new  territory since Fradley was as far as we had travelled before.   We passed through some very scenic places on our way to Armitage with Handsacre.  We think we passed the armitage shanks factory as we saw stacks of lavatory cisterns in a yard.  We managed to find moorings in the village and are very tired but happy.  Hope Ben and Claire are ready to do locks and drive the boat at the weekend!!!!!!

one off the many

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