June 20th 2011 back on board eventually

part of shell bells new central heating

It was after a long train and bus journey that we finally reached Willington at 6.15pm.  We were so grateful that Stuart (who had been putting the central heating in Shell Bell) turned up at the station to pick us up.  He took us back and showed us how the heating works.  It looks very posh and was very, very, very warm.  The unit and the header tank are both very small and it’s like playing dolls’ houses.   In our absence Shell Bell had also been blacked and she looked very smart.

We unpacked  and set off for the co-op to get some tea.  As we went out we bumped into John, Nancy and Paddy from Perfect Harmony  and caught up with their adventures.

Tomorrow we leave Mercia and won’t return here until winter.

Shell Bell re-blacked looks really smart

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