18th May 2011 wet and windy in Alrewas

After a few hectic days (by canal standards) a lazy day was called for.  So at 10.30 we set off to walk to Fradley Junction to check out the locks which we would be tackling tomorrow.  We were disappointed to discover that  the British waterways information centre had closed because of the economic climate (no funding).  At this junction the Coventry canal branches off so we walked along this stretch for a while.  After calling at the shop we made our way back (a five mile walk).  We hadn’t gone far when the heavens opened and we were drenched by the time we got back to the boat.  So Norwyn decided it was time to try out the stove.  We were pleased that it all worked well and soon the boat was so hot we had to open some of the windows.  This evening we went into the village to watch the end of a local cricket match.  We have discovered some residential ducks who come to the boat as soon as someone appears at the kitchen window.

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