19th May 2011 Fradley in the sun

vintage British waterways van Fradley junction

At last, the wind has dropped and the sun has come out.  We made our way through four locks and Sheila learned  something new – you can’t push a lock gate open if the water isn’t level on either side and even if the gate and paddles have been closed the lock might still leak.  Probably would have still been at Fradley middle lock if it wasn’t for the kindness of other boaters. So much to learn!!!!  After the fourth lock Captain Norwyn performed another perfect turn (watched carefully by a man whose boat was moored nearby) and then we had to do the lock again before mooring at Fradley Junction, which is said to be one of the busiest places on the canals. Very lively with lots of daytrippers and boaters.

After lunch we went for a walk round the nature reserve and saw a nuthatch in a nesting box; dad kept bringing food to mum for the babies.  We also saw a treecreeper, a buzzard and a large terrapin.

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