20th May 2011 what! water inside the boat ??

One of the seven locks today

We were later leaving Fradley junction than we had planned to be because yesterday evening we discovered a leak under the sink. 

It looked as if the water pump was leaking.  Still, we had signed up with canal rescue so Norwyn got on the internet to find out what we were covered for. Yes – the water pump was covered.   We phoned canal rescue and they said they would get the engineer to call us. While we were waiting Norwyn suddenly thought that it may only be the water pump on the engine which was covered. Anyway we had to turn the water off and begin mopping up.  The phone call came from the company to say the engineer would be with us tomorrow. Norwyn said he wondered whether they were aware that it was the domestic pump (very tactful Norwyn) – this of course was not covered  but they could arrange for the local boatyard to contact us about a repair.  So early today we got a call, the engineer came and diagnosed the problem, they collected a new pump and within an hour we were on our way.  Excellent service!!  

 The canal was quite busy. This was an advantage because with seven locks to do it meant Sheila had help getting through.  By mid afternoon we were moored up at Barton Turn, just in time for a walk into the village.

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