Monthly Archives: May 2011

20th May 2011 what! water inside the boat ??

We were later leaving Fradley junction than we had planned to be because yesterday evening we discovered a leak under the sink.  It looked as if the water pump was leaking.  Still, we had signed up with canal rescue so Norwyn got on the internet to find out what we were covered for. Yes – the […]

19th May 2011 Fradley in the sun

At last, the wind has dropped and the sun has come out.  We made our way through four locks and Sheila learned  something new – you can’t push a lock gate open if the water isn’t level on either side and even if the gate and paddles have been closed the lock might still leak.  Probably would have still been at Fradley middle lock […]

18th May 2011 wet and windy in Alrewas

After a few hectic days (by canal standards) a lazy day was called for.  So at 10.30 we set off to walk to Fradley Junction to check out the locks which we would be tackling tomorrow.  We were disappointed to discover that  the British waterways information centre had closed because of the economic climate (no […]

17th May 2011 A fishing i will go

With much less wind about we set off for Wynchnor. We planned to stop off at Barton Turn to check out the shops at the marina.  We had lunch and continued our journey.  There weren’t any mooring spaces at Wynchnor so we continued on to Alrewas. We did a small stretch on the River Trent and […]

16th May 2011 1st solo cruise

Today we planned to cruise from Willington to Shrobnall where we hoped to be able to walk into Burton-on-Trent.  The wind blew and the sky was cloudy as we set off. Norwyn managed to steer Shell Bell through the narrow exit of the marina without any bumps, so the journey started on a high.  We […]

15th May 2011 day of rest

Having waved Margy and Marcus off we decided to have a restful day and get ready for tomorrow. It will just be the two of us.  Sheila had to catch up on household chores – washing, cleaning etc.  Much less work than at home.  Norwyn stained the steps which Scott had made and together we put […]

14th May 2011 so far so good

A long day today as we make our way from Branston back to Willington via Barton Turn.  We have to do this because Shell Bell is too long to turn round in the canal.  Six locks today.  Getting the hang of things now.  A total of ten miles with only a short stop for lunch.  […]

13th May 2011

We all mangaed to get a reasonable night’s sleep and are still talking to each other.  After a hearty breakfast we set off from Stretton (bridge29A) to Branston – the home of the pickle.  We’re really getting into the swing of things now and sucessfully tackled two locks.  We had no choice since Norwyn had […]

12 May 2011 Off we go

Our first cruise.  Margy and Marcus joined us and we set sail from Willington To Stretton. A distance of three miles which took us just over an hour and a half.  Life in the slow lane!!!   Norwyn had learned lots from our training session and managed to avoid any bumps with other craft. No locks […]