June 8th \ 9th 2011 Rain hail and sun

Friendly Swan at Sawley

Ratcliffe on Soar power station
signs at trent lock junction

We are now making our way back to Willington but are stopping at Kegworth and Shardwell on the way.  On Wednesday the weather dominated our travels. We were lucky to get through the first lock just after a heavy shower but we got absolutely soaked going through the next one. Just as we were through the sun shone on us.   And so to the next one – just as we started opening the paddles it began to thunder and a shower of hail stones attacked us.  The day continued like this but once we were moored up the weather settled, the evening was fine and there was a lovely sunset.

Thursday – the sun shone for us as we made our way through the Trent Lock junction and back on to the Trent and Mersey canal.  We had a view of Ratcliff Power Station from all angles  We stopped at Sawley and walked into the village and then found a path which led us to the junction again and along the towpath  back to Shell Bell.  Again we had great views of the power station.

We had pleasant moorings at Shardwell, Norwyn fished from the boat and  caught about twenty skimmer bream and a dozen roach.  Not so much luck with the Crayfish trap he put down last night – a blank!!!

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