July 30th 2011 We get through ??

We intended to begin our journey early today but we just didn’t wake-up until 8.30 so it was almost ten o’clock when we left the marina.  The sun was shining and we looked forward to being on the cut again.  After about an hour and a half we started to meet the boats at the IWA festival and very soon we were surrounded by boats of all shapes and sizes. Many were decorated with bunting and looked very festive.  Getting through wasn’t easy but Captain Norwyn managed to steer Shell Bell safely past the hundreds of boats and only hit one.  (It was a new one but never mind).

steering Shell Bell through the maze of boats

The journey was slow but it gave us a chance to get a good look at the boats.  Some of the houses by the canal had decorated and had set up stalls selling  food, jumble etc.   Just as things were thinning out we found ourselves behind the lavender boat and we just had to slow down further as it collected rubbish and human waste from the moored boats.

The Lavender Boat

 Eventually we got through and made our way to that famous water park beginning with B and ending with N where we have stopped so many times. We had our  lunch and then continued.  From Branston to Alrewas was very quiet and we saw only a few boats.   We managed to find good moorings at Alrewas just past the lock.

it was narrow

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