July 9th / 10th 2011 Homeward bound

Saturday would be spent travelling back home.  We left Willington at 11.00, heading for Nottingham where we had to wait an hour for our connecting train to Norwich.  A tedious journey, not nearly as good as travelling by narrowboat.  We were thankful that Scott was waiting for us at the station (another bottle of wine for you) and took us home.

We will be at home for a few weeks now.  Hopefully during this time we will move house.

Since we began our adventure we have travelled 271 miles and worked 148 locks.  Can’t say how many eggs and loaves of bread we have consumed (like they do on the cruise ships) but we seem to eaten lots.  We have kept a log of our journey.

Some people worry about their pets whilst on their boats, but Captain Norwyn has been concerned about his batteries.  He has five – one starter battery which doesn’t get much attention – and four leisure batteries which have his undivided attention.  Apparently we have to look after these.  Even though they are new we must take care of them.  We do this by running the engine everyday so they are full.  Then we don’t hoover, use the hairdryer or straightners.  We use the computer off it’s own battery and when that runs out we switch on the power and keep running to the back of the boat to check the battery management system and panic if it’s not looking good.  The tele can be on if we are watching it and lights – well only one at a time if you please.  phew!!   I’m sure we have the most spoilt batteries around.  Hope Captain Norwyn doesn’t get withdrawal symptoms while we are at home.

one of the 148 but what a setting

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