August 22nd 2011 Free of restrictions

An early start today pulling pins at 8am and heading off in convoy with with Ron and Bob ,the idea being that we would be clear of Leicester by early afternoon as we are now free of the water shortage restrictions. The three boats made good progress and it didn’t seem before and we were in Leicester. We passed the football stadium and as we cruised closer to the centre of the city the rubbish in the canal was awful.  All manner of things including a blue bucket that wrapped its self round Shell Bells propellor,fortunately it freed itself with a loud pop and jumped out of the water. Around some off the locks the rubbish was worse, a really bad and a poor reflection on Leicester council. Not wanting to stop in the city we carried on and around 15:30 we moored up at Mountsorrel, a very plesant village which we plan to explore tomorrow. Oh dear –  poor captain Norwyn got stung by a wasp as he was fishing (the captain, not the wasp).  The area on his arm swelled and became red but he was very brave and didn’t mention it to everyone he saw!!!!!  Thankfully Ron had some cream to put on it and we haven’t heard anything since.

Bob with his boat Mabuhay

Ron with his boat Thyme 11

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