August 9th 2011 retail therapy ???

We set off for Milton Keynes today in sunny but windy weather.  Only one lock today  just before Solomons bridge in Cosgrove and we went through with the family we locked up with yesterday.  Then we said goodbye to them as they were turning round to head home.

solomans bridge

  Next stop was the outskirts of Milton Keynes where we moored in some super moorings near some appartments.  Tesco was just over the footbridge.  As we got further into MK we went over the Grafton Street aquaduct and finally moored at Campbell Park (lovely).  Captain Norwyn decided to take me shopping so we walked to the centre, after he had lent his pliers to a couple of lads who had a problem with a bike, and guess what – the shops are great but all closed!!! And i expect it will be some time before the next shopping trip.
Shell Bell moored at Milton Keynes


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