September 25th 2011 End of trip meal

The Rain was falling as we pulled away this morning.  There was a queue at the lock, the first of two that would get us through Alrewas. Ben and Claire took the helm again today and we made steady progress. Lunchtime soon came and we moored at Barton under-needwood. After lunch the sky cleared a little and the rain eased off.  By the time we reached Burton it had brightened up and it was quite pleasant as we approached Willington. Ben was going to steer shell bell into Mercia marina and put her on the mooring pontoon. No easy task with a 58 ft narrowboat but he did it like a real pro.  It was around 17:30 that shell bell was tied up on her moorings. Ben and Claire then spent sometime fishing whilst Norwyn and Sheila chilled. The evening was spent down The Dragon in Willington for an end of cruise meal and excellent it was too. Arriving back on shell bell a game of Scrabble ended with Sheila and Claire winning, making it 2-2 over the trip.

Claire holding shell bell at the locks
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