February 21st 2011 New Cushions

Leaving Beccles around 08:30 i set off for Willington a journey that normally takes just over three hours. Today was to be no different it was a good trip up to Derbyshire with lovely weather not warm but bright and dry. On arrival at Mercia Marina it was a bit overcast but still not cold. I went to the office to collect our new key for the gates they have all been updated while we have been away,  i also bought an electric card to top up for our hook up. Once on board and the general inspection over it was time to unload the car of the new cushions and put in position on the new shape dinette.

The new cushions

After sorting out the cushions i checked the water system and started the engine, all was well Shell Bell has wintered well so far with no issues as yet. Tomorrow river canal rescue are on board to service the engine and give us an electrical check.

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