April 17th 2012 A Wet and Windy Night

The weather forecast was spot on ,it said the wind would get up and it would rain. Well it did and we were both woken in the night by the wind rattling around the boat and heavy rain hitting the roof. By morning the wind had eased down and it had stopped raining. It was a slow start this morning leaving Lymm around 10am. We needed to top the water tank and we identified a water point on the map. Next job was to find it. Captain Norwyn found it but there were two boats already on it, both nearly ready to leave.  Norwyn put shell bell in reverse but the wind got the bow and Shell Bell muscled her way onto the water point!!!!!!. The weather was better than predicted and made our trip through Manchester all the better. A very industrial landscape including passing the Linotype works (printers will know this is where linotype was invented). We also crossed the Manchester ship canal via the  Barton Swing Aquaduct, but we made good progress and moored at Worsley near the old packet house around 3pm.

Today  15 miles

the birthplace of linotype


crossing the manchester ship canal


The Old Packet house from our mooring

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