April 20th 2012 Troubles on route

It was bright this morning when we pulled away from the mooring at Adlington.  It was a very steady start as there were several boats moored all the way out of the town.  We were following two other boats. This was amazing because we have seen hardly any boats on the move. We continued following them into Chorley, then the engine note changed. First thought was there is a problem with the engine but then just as quickly reallity kicks in and I realise that the prop has been fouled. So, pulling into the side and delving into the weed hatch I come out with a bag full of various types of plastic bags and sacks. It took around half and hour to get under way again. Within thirty minutes problem number two – one of the boats we had been following earlier was across the cut, firmly aground at the stern. Shell Bell to the rescue! Nudging up alongside Sheila took a rope from the lady on board and tied it to the Bow post. Going astern Shell Bell soon pulled the boat free. Then it was onto the seven Johnson’s hill locks and as we  pulled out of the top lock more rubbish round the prop so Sheila did lunch whilst I went down the weed hatch again !!. After lunch and with the prop cleared we had a good run to our overnight mooring at Riley Green just outside Blackburn.Sorry no pictures today poor internet connection i will try and add them tomorrow.

Today 9 mile 7 locks

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