April 30th 2012 Locking good weather

It was nice and bright with light winds when we joined NB lady Arwen at the top of the Wigan Flight (21 locks). We made a good team with Clive and Mel from Lady Arwen and we cleared the last of the 21 locks in a little under four hours. Once clear we turned left and headed for the two locks that would take us onto the Bridgewater Canal . We were soon through those locks and made our way to Dover Bridge were we moored behind Lady Arwen. This evening we went to the pub with Clive and Mel and had an enjoyable couple of pints.

Today 8.5 miles    23 locks

the last of the 21 locks

Clive and Mel from NB Lady Arwen

We follow Ladt Arwen to the Bridgewater canal

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