May 4th 2012 Heartbreak Hill

Wow it was cold this morning ,My first job was to check my crayfish trap which i had set last night, i never got any crayfish but i did have a nice haul of sand gudgeon and roach all returned safely. Next job was to check the engine oil and water levels.  But we had to get going as today we would  do 24 locks on our way to Kidsgrove. This stretch of locks is known as heartbreak hill most are paired locks (two locks side by side) and are reasonably spread out over what would be a distance of about 7 miles. All in all it wasn’t too bad and we made reasonable time even stopping on route for lunch and have moored in Kidsgrove between lock 44 and 45. So tomorrow we have four locks to complete heartbreak hill and then through the Harecastle tunnel. Our current Plan should have us back in Mercia Marina on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Today  7 miles   24 locks

What no Crayfish

Paired locks


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