August 19th 2012 Sheila has a fall !!!!!

We set off this morning in lovely warm conditions with no wind. Our first stop was only a few hundred yards away at the service staion where we topped the water tank and dumped the rubbish. Once done we set off again making our way to the five Adderley locks. By the time we reached the the top lock it was raining steadily. Sheila called into the farm shop at the top lock to buy lamb chops and sausages. It was steady through the locks and we soon exited the last lock, then disaster struck. Sheila slipped on the lock landing and went down with a real thud. We moored the boat and Sheila put ice on her damaged elbow and also checked herself out for anymore bruises. After about an hour we set off again but with fifteen more locks to do and Sheila down to one arm it was going to be difficult. Arriving at the Audlem top lock we worked out a plan sheila could open gates and drop paddles and Norwyn would wind them up. This plan was made easier by the fact that we were going down not up. We eventually made it through the fifteen locks and made our way to Coole Pilate, our chosen mooring this evening and at last the sun was shinning. Sheila, although a bit sore is fine and should be back on first mate duties tomorrow.

The Shroppie fly pub in Audlum

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