August 23rd 2012 About turn

It was overcast but nice this morning as we pulled away from our moorings outside the Cheshire cat pub. A few hundred yards later and we winded (turned the boat round) just before bridge 121. It was a steady pace as there are a lot of moored boats along this part of the canal. Once clear of those we came to our first lock of the day and shared it with NB Legend. Once clear of that lock it is a short hop to Beeston iron lock; although a double lock it has been narrowed with repairs over the years so the advice now is one boat at a time. We joined the queue 6th boat in line. Waiting over, we cleared the lock and headed for the next and upon arrival we were waved straight in alongside NB Windsor Castle a hire boat from Anderton Marina with a very nice family onboard. We shared the remaing locks inluding the Bunbury staircase lock with them. Saying our farewells once clear of the locks they headed off for overnight moorings on the Middlewhich branch and we made our way to Calveley where we have moored for the night. Tomorrow it’s back into Nantwich but we hear there may be a festival on and mooring maybe a problem!!!!!!.

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