August 29th 2012 We made it across the Poncysyllte

Captain Norwyn thought it would be a good idea to begin travelling early, so we left Whixall Moss at around 7.30 am. Our two new crew members remained in bed for about an hour of the journey. We only had two locks to do today so we planned to go over the Pontcysyllte Aquaduct, turn round and moor up near a pub for our evening meal.
However, when we arrived at New Marton locks there was a queue and we were fourteenth in line!!!!!!
There was nothing else to do but sit it out so we had lunch. Ben and Claire took the opportunity to get some fishing in. After about two hours it was our turn. There was no queue at the next lock so we were soon through and heading for the aquaduct. The journey involved a few tunnels and small aquaducts before the big one. As it was getting late we decided to moor up and go over on Wednesday. Unfortunately this was not to be because the pub was closed so we had to continue. It was very impressive, Ben and Claire enjoyed the experience and we had a lovely meal in the Telford.


Again we made an early start but it was raining hard and the return journey over the aquaduct was not as pleasant. However, after an hour or so it cleared out and we made good time. We called at Tesco in Ellesmere and stocked up. We finally moored up at Whixall Moss again (because it is good for fishing) at 4.30. A much less hectic day and good weather despite the odd downpour.

Ben on the Pontcysylte

Claire another fine catch

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