18th April Haifa and Limassol

We had a two day stay in Haifa and made the most of our stay by exploring this fine city others from the ship went off on very long trips to Jerusalem and Nazareth. The weather was great and we really enjoyed the cable car ride up to the top of mount Carmel. We stopped more than once for refreshments in the local watering holes although I must say alcohol is rather pricey in Israel. We left Haifa and sailed overnight to Limassol in Cyprus. Once again we chose to go exploring on our own well with our companions Mike and Kerry. It was another scorching hot day and we enjoyed walking along the promenade and the making our way through the maze of small streets full of shops selling all manner of trinkets for the tourists, then afternoon tea was taken in a local bar. All too soon it was back to the ship and we set sail for Athens.

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