April 29th 2014 Minorca to Lisbon then Southampton.

Well we had a lovely day in Port Mahon (Minorca) it was a really nice town and because Adonia is a small ship she was able to berth in the small harbour, most cruise ships have to anchor out to see and use there lifeboats to tender the passengers to the shore. It was really nice to wander the streets and yet again the weather was kind a warm and sunny 25 degrees. The island was also celebrating St George’s day which was nice as it made the town very busy with a party feel. All too soon it was time to set sail for Lisbon which will entail two sea days. Although the breeze is decidedly cool the sun is still shinning and the seas remain calm, we have been lucky with the weather. After Lisbon today it’s two more sea days to Southampton and the end of a wonderful 5 weeks spent aboad Adonia.The trip back to Southampton was a little tedious the weather was decidedly cooler and the sea had a heavy swell making Adonia rock and roll but once clear of the Bay of Biscay the seas calmed and we had a smooth ride into Southampton docking around 7am and disembarking around 9am. it was a wonderful cruise and Adonia although smaller than most cruise ships was delightful.

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