April 5th Sri Lanka to India

We had three really restful days at sea and after our hectic start to this cruise it was nice to slow down. Sea days have been enjoyable with flat seas and air temperatures in the 30’s, we have kept ourselves amused with sunbathing,swimming and dancing lessons yes Norwyn agreed, things are not going well on the dance front but it is very amusing. Our port of call In Sri Lanka was Galle, we went on a trip to a tea plantation which is famous for producing virgin white tea !!! ( allegedly picked by virgins ). We had a great time and tried many varieties of tea ( auntie Wendy would have loved it). Then it was time to set sail for India we have three ports of call in India the first of which was Cochin, we elected to stay on board and have a day by the pool, next it was off to Mangalore this time we went ashore and had a tour round the city taking in the SIGHTS wow it’s manic with and a completely different way of life, we finished the day a cashew nut factory which was interesting if only to see how labour intensive it was. The weather remains very hot with temperatures in the thirty’s even at night, and very high humidity. The sea conditions are great very calm and we have seen dolphins and one Whale. Well it’s Mumbai tomorrow so will update you again soon .

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