April 10th 2012 Sunny Day at last

what a pleasant surprise this morning, bright sunshine- the grey skies had gone. Today was not going to be a busy day but  a gentle trundle along this lovely canal (the shroppie) that’s canal speak.  Setting off this morning we were soon in the narrow cutting with a boat coming the other way. The skipper kindly waved me through while he held station in a passing place.  The boat was NB Marmite Braidbar 127.  Once past we continued until we came to the one lock we would have to do today.  There was no queue so it was straight in. Once clear of the lock we made our way to Gnosall where we stopped for lunch. After lunch we walked into the village and shopped at the butchers. Whilst moored for lunch a quite rare  Mandarin duck was  swimming near Shell Bell. Leaving Gnosall we headed off for Norbury junction where we would moor for the night, we arrived around 4pm and the sun was still shining.

Today  12 miles   1 lock    1 tunnel


Chillington bridge

Mandarin duck

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