April 11th 2012 Sun, Hail, Rain and Thunder

The weather dominated today. We set off in pleasant sunshine and after a short while we passed through a very unusual bridge.  It has a telegraph pole built into the arch. After around an hour the dark clouds came,  the temperature dropped and then a hail storm was followed by heavy rain. This set the trend for the rest of the day, we even had thunder whilst we were doing the flight of five locks at Tyrley.  We  passed a boat with a Butty (unpowered boat being towed) which had to be bow hauled through the locks by her crew. We moored at Market Drayton around 14:30  and went into the town for some shopping.  Back on the boat the weather improved and Norwyn did a spot fishing. He caught  some roach and a gudgeon.

Today  11.5 miles    5 locks.

Bridge with telegraph pole built in

the butty being bow hauled through the locks

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