April 22nd 2012 We reach the summit

A good nights unbroken sleep, but is was raining when we got up this morning and that would set the trend for the day. Showers of either rain or hail, some quite heavy. We left Hapton around 9am and there was a cool breeze as well as the rain.  We had planned to use the service block at Rose Grove but upon arrival there were two boats moored with blinds and curtains all shut. Rather than disturb their sleep we carried on. We stopped on the Burnley embankment for a quick trip to Tescos. We stopped again later for lunch before we got to the seven Barrowford locks. On arrival at the locks we found Ragg Tag and Bobtail and Sah-casm (whom we have moored with for last two nights) entering the first lock. Once they were clear we emptied the lock with the help of some boaters who were just out walking. In fact they helped us through the first three locks. On reaching the the top lock we were now at the highest point of the the Leeds and Liverpool canal. We used the service block at the top lock before moving a few hundred yards and mooring for the night.

some really nice views on route today

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