April 23rd 2012 Glorious Scenery

Hooray! No rain today but its was overcast when we set off this morning. This was how it was to be all morning. We soon arrived at the Foulridge tunnel where there is a traffic light signal in operation.  The red light was showing red when we arrived so we moored up and waited about 15 minutes for  the green light. The tunnel is around 1 mile in length and we were through in a little over a quarter of an hour. It is really scenic on this part of the canal with lots of sheep grazing nearby.  It wasn’t long before we had  negotiated the three Greenberfield locks. After stopping for lunch and with sun showing itself we went through the six locks at Bank Newton. The locks were coming thick and fast and after three more locks and we stopped in Gargrave for our overnight mooring.

Today 13.5 miles     12 locks     1 tunnel

waiting for the green light at Foulridge tunnel

great scenery even deer grazing in the distance

Water coming over the back lock gate !!!!!!


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