April 25th 2012 The Good and the Bad

Yesterday we had a day of rest and stayed in Gargrave.  It was a really nice day weather wise. We did some odd jobs on the boat then went off for a walk into the hills (part of the pennine way). We decided that we would head back the way we came rather than go down through Leeds and then the Rochdale Canal, So Norwyn Winded (turned the boat round) Shell Bell and re-moored. Today we set off and again it was raining and it wasn’t long before the wind really got up. We probably should  have abandoned our trip and moored up but we carried on and it was rough, very rough. There were other boats on the move but not many.  It was hard work doing the twelve locks we had to do today. Things went fairly smoothly but we did have one or two hairy moments. Our overnight mooring tonight is Barrowford top lock, but even mooring was a problem with the wind pushing Shell Bell to the opposite side of the canal.  It must have taken us ten minutes to sort out and get the boat away from the bank to the other side of the cut and safely tied up. Our worst days boating by far. Pictures from our walk yesterday.

Today  13.5   12 locks   1 tunnel

great view from our walk yesterday

Norwyn doing his Bill Oddie impression

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