April 26th 2012 winds dropped but rain stays

Overnight the wind had subsided and the rain had stopped. So it was in quite pleasant conditions that we started on the seven Barrowford locks.  We hadn’t been through the last lock long before the rain came but at least it wasn’t windy or as cold as yesterday. It was still raining when we pulled onto the moorings for the Morrisons supermarket at Nelson. We stayed on the moorings for lunch hoping that the rain would subside, but do pigs fly?????  So once again we set off in the rain only stopping for diesel at Reedley Marina.  Onward we went, through Burnley and we hadn’t seen anoher boat on the move all day until we arrived at Gannow tunnel where we had to hold station to allow a cruiser to exit and, as we were a third way through another narrowboat appeared but didnt wait.  We did, however manage to pass in the tunnel without mis-hap. We are moored at Hapton and as I am typing this blog it is still raining with the prediction for more rain tomorrow.

Today 12 miles    7 locks   1 tunnel

that's some chimney stack

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