July 10th 2012 Beyond Nuneaton

Well, two days to blog as yesterday we had no internet connection. That said it was the only bad thing about yesterday, the weather was sunny and warm and made for an enjoyable cruising day. We left our moorings around 09:30 and we were soon at Braunston turn were we took the left turn and joined the Oxford canal. We had to wait to use the service point as a boat was already topping his water tank, it took a while but as he moved off another boater pointed out that the other water tap had far more pressure and it sure did. We were soon topped up and on our way. The nice weather continued as we went through the three locks that make up the Hillmorton flight and we eventually moored at Hungerfield. It was a nice evening and Norwyn spent it fishing, catching a few decent roach and bream to round off a really nice day.

View from our mooring at Hungerfield

What a difference a day makes.  Although dry this morning it was noticeably cooler as we left our moorings at Hungerfield. We made steady progress and had only the odd shower.We stopped for diesel at Rose narrowboats at Stretton under Fosse. Around noon we arrived at Hawksbury Junction with its stop lock and two very tight turns. There was a queue for the lock but we were soon in and our exit was now impeded by a 60ft Anglo Welsh hire boat that didnt appear to know what direction to go in, so the tight turn got even tighter and although we missed him it had impeded our next turn onto the Coventry canal and we nearly ended up wedged across the cut. But as they say inches make a difference and it certainly did this time because we had about an inch to spare and Shell Bell swung round. We moored for lunch soon after and whilst stopped it started to rain and this carried on for most of the afternoon. We passed Marston junction which is the entrance to the Ashby canal and carried on through Nuneaton and have moored just through at woods bridge. We should be back at Mercia Marina sometime over the weekend but at the moment the river section just through Alrewas is closed due to high water levels, so we will have to keep an eye on the situation.

pulling in for diesel at Rose narrow boats

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